UX/UI & Motion Design
Charge Anywhere
Empowering payments with a whole new style.
What began as a freelance assignment spanned into a fulltime position over just a few months. At Charge Anywhere, I was given free creative reign to revamp their POS interface and create marketing videos to be used at tradeshows and sent out to potential clients. With the help and feedback from a talented team of developers, we brought my wireframes to life and I couldn't be more proud of the work we did.
Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.
— Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer @ Adobe
One of the biggest challenges of working UX/UI for Charge Anywhere was simplifying their existing interface while creating a fresh, modern design. Another challenge was being the sole visual designer and utilizing my skillset to tackle each problem that arose. From UX/UI, to motion graphics, to video editing, to contracting photographers, and art directing shoots, I learned the true meaning of a multimedia designer.
Charge Anywhere has a wide variety of hardware, each with unique capabilities to suit CA's diverse clientele. I directed, edited, and animated these marketing videos to be sent to potential clients and presented at trade shows in an effort to break down what the app and web portal can do.

Photography was done with the help of Dominic Mincieli, a talented creative based in New Jersey.
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