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Family, Friends, and Fun are the name of the game over at EastPoint.
There truly isn't enough to be said about the amazing atmosphere and hardworking employees that crank out high-quality products on our team. At EastPoint, we take tremendous pride in our products from toys to outdoor games, NERF to ESPN, Chippo to KanJam, and everything in-between. That passion for a quality product and consumer experience drives creative decisions all the way through to the E-Commerce world, and I'm so proud of the work we've done in pushing the E-Commerce department to keep up with our high demand of products.
Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer. — Jonathan Midenhall, CMO for Airbnb
One of the biggest challenges designing content for E-Commerce at EPS is working with our vast catalogue of products, brands, and licensed partners. As the sole Digital Content Creator I work with different departments to create branded content in the digital space. I create static and motion graphics for internal presentations and marketing decks but mostly focus on executing B+ and A+ images on Amazon, as well as animate and edit product videos, refresh and revitalize our brand stores, assist with video shoots, and work with our licensing partners to ensure the content I create falls within their specified brand guides.
Who doesn't enjoy a good game of Laser Tag? The product development team at Eastpoint worked their #%&@$! off creating this solid product and I can not give enough credit to those guys. Major props to Jim Burns, Brian Bloom, Yale Jeong, and Carlos Carrillo. They made my job especially easy with this one, because when you see a product get so much care and respect you can't help but see that vision through to the end zone that is e-commerce.
ESPN Cornhole
Working with our licensing partners always adds an interesting twist to the mix. Sticking to their strict brand guidelines and ensuring the content I create works seamlessly with both our products as well as theirs, understanding our licensing partners' needs is key to my work designing content for e-commerce. ESPN, NFL, NHL, Chippo, and Nerf are just a few of the large brands associated with our lineup of toys and games.
HEAD Premium Paddle
Being able to highlight our premium products like this high-end table tennis paddle without overshadowing our extensive lineup is another skill I've learned to pick up here at Eastpoint. We want our consumers to know just how much time and thought goes into our products, and a huge part of my job is making sure the visual content aligns with product development and packaging to product a consistent visual message: quality.
Kan Jam
With a game as fun as Kan Jam the content pretty much makes itself. It's an exciting game with a dynamic brand and I've been so grateful to be a part of the rebranding process. The Kan Jam family of products continues to grow and evolve, and a big priority for me has been setting the stage by creating a universal and timeless visual style that accommodates the constantly expanding family of Kan Jam products.
Axe Throw B+ Content
Optimized with a mobile-first approach, these are images I directed and created to use on our e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, CTC, as well as our direct-to-consumer sites.
Dartboard B+ Content
A challenge I've learned to overcome designing for e-commerce is combining various product features and presenting them to the consumer in a way that both visually shows off the beauty of the product while simultaneously providing callout text to clearly explain why our product is superior to competitors. Striking that balance is difficult yet exciting, because each product requires a unique approach and I've learned through trial and error that a one-size fits all design strategy sacrifices quality for efficiency.
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